How to Make Money Trading Cryptocurrencies?

How to Make Money Trading Cryptocurrencies?

It is important to know ways on how to make money trading cryptocurrencies. Although volatile, the crypto industry now has many opportunities, which is what we at CyptoCoinTradewill show. We go through steps that traders should take, such as market analysis, communities, trade leader consultations, news, and strategies.

We also go through available tools, charts, and platforms. We also made a guide on how to start trading cryptocurrency that beginners should check out to complement reading this guide.

Analyze Trends in the Market

Using both technical and fundamental analysis, traders should understand what is going on in the market. Combining quantitative (price and volume changes) with qualitative (government and platform actions/development) data, you can identify trends.

With an understanding of what happened in the past, one can predict the future. Technical analysis would grant you price changes while fundamental investigation when and why those changes occurred. In this section, we would also add a careful investigation of the legal system, since if tax liability exists, it draws out profit from traders’operations.

Read What Community Says

Next, always consult other traders and what market says about the industry at the moment of your investment. Cryptocurrency market is mostly decentralized, meaning that participants influence volatility, not government bodies. Thus, what influencers say is quite important.

As a trader, you should consult several large forums and news feeds and derive information from talks there. The largest sources of data for crypto news are CoinDesk andCoinTelegraph, while forums are BitcoinTalk and Crypto Compare forums. Data should add up to your findings of the market analysis, as to derive a clearer picture of the market.

Follow up Trade Leaders

We would recommend you to follow up eToro and YouTube leaders of crypto trade. These leaders always provide information regarding what is hot now in the market, with reasons why. Although your needs may not be compatible with theirs, still it is valuable information. The copy function below represents the eToro platform asa good source of knowledge form leaders.

The more opinions you gather the more concrete your own knowledge will be. Understanding trends are vitally important for the success of trading activities. If majority leaders agree on a specific pairs’ attractiveness, then you should at least consider it.

Subscribe to Crypto News

When asking yourself how to make money trading cryptocurrency, this should be your next step. As mentioned before, while you conduct fundamental analysis, understanding past is crucially important to predict future.

However, trading cryptocurrencies are done in the present, meaning that news concerning your pair right now is what should take precedent. You should subscribe to news feeds of all large platforms, as well as news websites, such as BitcoinTalk and CoinDesk.

These sources of information usually provide knowledge on the trends and events happening right at that moment. Crypto market is highly volatile and depends on market trends completely. Thus, news regarding new regulations or on a move of large players would definitely impact the value of the chosen coin.

Use Appropriate Strategies

There are many trading strategies that you can use whenever you deem appropriate. It is the appropriateness of the situation that is the issue. Traders need to understand these strategies and what they are meant for while trading cryptos. These tactics are divided into short-term and long-term strategies, though some might represent both classifications.

Short-term strategies are scalping and day trading tactics while long-term are hedging and swinging. You also have emotion and trend strategies, which can be used on both short and long-term basis, depending on your needs. To know more about these strategies, visit CyptoCoinTrade, as the site provides a detailed analysis of each trade tactic.

Check out Available Tools

There are many tools that you can get your hands on while trading cryptocurrency. You have online charts, which gather up data from large platforms and let you create your own graphic presentation. The most popular of these are TradingView and CryptoWatch. You can check out just how customizable CryptoWatch’scharts are below.

You also have APIsand bots, both designed to manage your funds, crypto wallets, and even to automatize your trade. We do need to warn that human factor should lead the trade process. At the end of the day, a decision should be yours, as human emotion provides best returns. Some of the more famous APIs and bots are Haasonline and CoinAPI.

Cross Check Charts and Data

Once you have market data, organize your charts and compare results. You have historical information from technical/fundamental analysis and present data from charts. Cross check it to find potential anomalies in the industry and to identify current trends. By doing so, you will hedge against unexpected price movements and find opportunities.

This is where indicators come in, so be sure to choose those that work with your chosen strategy. Although there is no guarantee, cross-checking various sources will gain your benefits from the acquiredknowledge.

Choose the Right Platform

This is where they say “make or break’ come in. There are numerous platforms out there and many of them are similar. Yet, they differ in several important factors. Firstly, you need to know the trading platform’s fee structure. Deposit & withdrawal costs, alongside with trading fees can determine your level of profits. Next-in-line is available to deposit/withdrawal methods, as well as accepted fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Lastly, you should keep an eye on the development of security measures, as hacking incidents happened even to the largest companies.

Evaluate Results

We at CryptoCoinTrade cannot emphasize enough self-evaluation and reflection on past results. Once you committed the order, track your processes as to see what went wrong and right while trading cryptos. Past experience will help you understand where you can improve or if data sources you have chosen were accurate.

Thus, even if you made a profit from your last call, be sure to understand why it was so.


Now you know the basics of how to make money trading cryptocurrencies. Using data from market and platforms, you can cross-check the information to lower risks associated with trading coins. You should also follow up on communities and trade leaders to gain insight knowledge of the industry. Lastly, prepare an appropriate strategy and use tools available to you to maximize the effectiveness of your trading process.

Always reflect on results and you will be better prepared for your next trading adventure. For more info on how to start trading, visit CryptoCoinTrading website for the guide called “How to Start Trading Cryptocurrency”.

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